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IO                               LETTERS   FROM   THE

I hunted this morning with the Duke de

zjth. Hunted with the Marquis de Polignac
—too many stags, and no sport. Dined with
M. de Talaru, and supped at the Mar6chal de
Segur's, ministre de la guerre. His son is envoy
at St. Petersburg. His wife, whom he left behind,
is a most charming little woman.

2,8th. Boar-hunt with the Count d'Artois; no
good running. Dined at Eden's; supped at the
Marshal de Castries, ministre de la marine. He
is extremely polite and attentive.

zgth. At Court; dined at the Count de
Vergennes; supped at the Princess de Lamballe's.
The Queen, Monsieur and Madame, Count and
Countess d'Artois came after supper and played at
cards sans fagon. Monsieur is in cicesbeatura with
Madame de Balbi, quite a I'italienne.1 This is
the only thing of the kind I saw at Court, where
everything is de la demiere decence.

I A daughter of Count Caumont de la Force, who married
Count Armand de Balbi, of an illustrious Genoese family.
She was "dame d'atours" to Madame. Her beauty, which
had been remarkable, was disfigured by the small-pox, but
this in no degree tempered the affection of Monsieur (Louis
XVIII.), whom she accompanied to Coblentz. Their intimacy-
did not terminate until the restoration. I believe she fell a
victim to the cholera in 1834.